Massage means for the people relaxation, rehabilitation and regeneration of the body and soul. It helps to eliminate effects of our bad lifestyle, full of stress, worries and lack of movement. After massage you will enjoy the feeling of relaxation and positive state of mind. Massage has excellent influence on the human psyche.


Classic sports and regenerative massage

This massage helps to reduce effects caused by unilateral activities, overloading and by wrong poise and thus involved in prevention of backache and joint pain. It supports blood circulation, prevents swelling and facilitates heartbeat. Skin perfusion improves metabolism and thus slows down the aging process and counteracts the cellulite. Regular massage generally stimulates immunity of human body.

Aroma massage

Aromatherapy massage is a relaxation massage combined with a therapeutic effect of essential oils, supports health, relieves by stress, strengthens the immunity and harmonize the body and soul.

Our professionally trained staff will recommend you the proper essential oil depending on your wish or problems.

The duration and price you will find in the pricelist.

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