Fitness gym

Everyone can find here their kind of exercise. For men, there are high-quality fitness machines for both upper and lower part of body, for ladies, there are special machines designed to strengthen women's problematic areas. The gym is well equipped for cardio training, with treadmill, bicycle and OrbiTrek. There is even room for stretching and strengthening your body.


Fitness is a way of life when caring for your body and mind through moving. Fitness activities can be divided into fitness activities for building up muscles or aerobic such as running, spinning or exercises on special machines (bicycle, OrbiTrek) to help reducing the weight, increase endurance and strengthen your heart.

With regular exercise and stretching, you can strengthen the entire body and find your lost energy. You will become more flexible and improve your ability to concentrate. It is also important to strengthen back muscles and get rid of the now so widespread back pain and neck pain. It improves metabolism because the body starts burning the fat instead of storing it. And what is important, is you will empty your mind and throw all your worries behind you.

Recommended length of stay is 1 - 1.5 hours.

In addition to the gym, you can also use the climbing wall.

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