Finnish sauna

Part of the relaxation zone is a real Finnish sauna from Northern timber. You can choose whether you indulge a classic, mint or a herbal sauna. We recommend several times switching between a Finnish sauna and cold shower, and then you can relax in the nearby room equipped with lounge chairs.

Sauna is one of the best relaxation methods. You need to warm up the body and then rapidly cool it down, for which you can use the ice cooling pool or shower.

There is a sauna stove that heats the room temperature from 80 to 120 ˚C. To increase humidity, you pour water over the lava stone, which creates steam. If you add some of the special essence (menthol, herbs) to the water, you achieve the maximum effect and enjoyment of the whole procedure.

Like every Finnish sauna, ours also has very good effects on the human psyche and the regeneration of the whole organism. It is beneficial to disease prevention as the lungs and respiratory allergies and promotes blood circulation.

Stay in the sauna is recommended to be repeated 3 times for 10 minutes and after each stay is recommended short dipping in ice cooling pool or shower.

  • supplying blood to the skin and sweating
  • improves heart function
  • warms the joints, improving mobility
  • enhances blood circulation
  • regulates blood pressure


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