Beer spa

Our newly built spa has an original beer spa treatment, which helps to regenerate the human organism. The spa procedure includes the beer bath, wrap up in a towel and are also accompanied by the necessary drinking program – by the golden beverage - beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG). During the procedure you will forget all about your everyday worries.


Beer baths have a positive effect on the organism, mainly due to rejuvenating effects of live cultures of beer yeast. The aim is to harmonize the procedures of body functions, mental relaxation and relaxing of stiff muscles. The procedure clearly improves the immunity of the body, is effective for overall body relaxation, warming joints, and also serves as a curative treatment for skin and hair.

The treatments are:
  • Bathing in beer bath, whose main ingredient is our spring water from the river Elbe at a temperature of 34-37 °C, enriched with live culture of brewer's yeast and a mixture of crushed herbs. The atmosphere is enhanced by the smell of freshly brewed beer from local brewery PAROHÁČ (The STAG). Recommended beer bath time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • After a bath in the golden beverage, you should relax wrapped in a towel, harmonize the body, completing the sweating phase and let the mind to release positive thoughts. You will enjoy the peace and relaxation for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Finally, we must not forget drinking. We recommend supplement of liquid that the body loses during this treatment to avoid dehydration. It is ideal to drink cold beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG), at best unpasteurized, containing live yeast, which is included in the procedure in unlimited amount directly from our brewery.
  • You can combine this procedure with our massage.


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