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In our hotel you will find oases of peace which we created directly for your relaxation. If you are overwhelmed with tiredness after a long day of hiking or skiing, you can use one of two saunas, a whirlpool bath or a newly built beer spa.

Our newly built spa has an original beer spa treatment, which helps to regenerate the human organism. The spa procedure includes the beer bath, wrap up in a towel and are also accompanied by the necessary drinking program – by the golden beverage - beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG). During the procedure you will forget all about your everyday worries.

Massage means for the people relaxation, rehabilitation and regeneration of the body and soul. It helps to eliminate effects of our bad lifestyle, full of stress, worries and lack of movement. After massage you will enjoy the feeling of relaxation and positive state of mind. Massage has excellent influence on the human psyche.

Part of the relaxation zone is a real Finnish sauna from Northern timber. You can choose whether you indulge a classic, mint or a herbal sauna. We recommend several times switching between a Finnish sauna and cold shower, and then you can relax in the nearby room equipped with lounge chairs.

We recommend you to use our modern and very efficient whirlpool to relax your muscles and combine it with a sauna. Whirlpool is very spacious, comfortable to hold it up to 4 people. After the procedure, you can relax in the adjacent lounge, listen to soft music, and completely free yourselves from reality.

Everyone can find here their kind of exercise. For men, there are high-quality fitness machines for both upper and lower part of body, for ladies, there are special machines designed to strengthen women's problematic areas. The gym is well equipped for cardio training, with treadmill, bicycle and OrbiTrek. There is even room for stretching and strengthening your body.

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