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Ski touring combines climbing up the mountains and beautiful downhill skiing in open terrain. You can find some recommended routes on websites of KRNAP (National Park of Krkonoše Mountains), they often go through parts inaccessible in summer, some of them are not marked in terrain.


Luční bouda joined in 2013 the project "Krkonoše Mountains - a Paradise of cross-country skiing". Thus it is possible to get along the cross-country ski routes from Pec pod Sněžkou or from the Krkonoše rout past Výrovka as far as Luční bouda and then to continue along some of the ridge routes.


The nearest ski area from Luční bouda is Pec pod Sněžkou. Short ski lifts are also available near Richterovy boudy. You can find full information about the ski area Pec pod Sněžkou on following web sites.


Luční bouda is also the crossroads of five tourist paths. Would you like to set out along the ridge to the chalet "Špindlerovka", along the White Elbe valley or over the ridge "Kozí hřbety" to Špindlerův Mlýn, or to walk over the peat bog "Úpské rašeliniště", along the red tourist sign to the chalet "Výrovka" or to Poland as far as the lakes "Maly Staw"  and "Wielki Staw"?


You can get to Luční bouda along the cycle tracks either from Strážné or from Pec pod Sněžkou past the chalet Výrovka. You can find the list of all bike routes in the Krkonoše Mountains on the web sites of KRNAP (Krkonoše Mountains National Park) and then plan your trip full of nice experiences.


If the weather seems not to be the best you can set out to visit any of nature or historic sights in the surroundings. The following article gives some examples of interesting tourist destinations.

Visit the underground of the highest Czech mountain "Sněžka" – the mine Kovárna. It´s the place in the wild of the valley "Obří důl", where the legends about Krakonoš, the master of the Krkonoše Mountains came into being. You can find his "hidden treasures" in the heart of the mountain.

In July and August two guided tours of various difficulties are accessible. It is good to reserve the guided tour in advance.


On your way to Luční bouda past Kaplička you can notice concrete buildings of the second sequence barring the saddle between the mountains Luční and Studniční. The first sequence was to bar the plateau near Luční bouda and to contain two buildings of heavy fortification. Many rests of the war fortification were preserved in the whole area. The building number 256 is the highest located fortification object in the Czech Republic.


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