For those who like to experiment, we are brewing various kinds of beers PAROHÁČ, so everyone can find something for himself. You can not only try the classical light beer, but also semi-dark and dark beer or Indian Ale Pale. If you want learn more about  beer PAROHÁČ you can take the brewery visit.

And why did the owners decide to call the new beer PAROHÁČ? Because in the vicinity of Lucni bouda is a moving herd of about one hundred and fifty pieces of deer. They can be seen in the evening or early morning on the mountainside,  passing the hillside to the Well.

Beer is brewed by the traditional way technology, where one batch takes 10 hours. We use the water from the source of the White River Elbe.

The primary fermentation takes place in the beer cellars in open fermentation tanks 7 to 9 days. When the main fermentation occurs , the beer becomes alcohol and releases carbon dioxide. After primary fermentation, yeast drop to the bottom and the beer is pumped to 10 laagering tanks, where it ripens about 1 month and then served for consumption. The beer is served unfiltered and unpasteurized, so that it still obtains all the original nutrients. The beer may look slightly cloudy and less transparent than the filtered beer at first glance, but that is, because it contains only natural ingredients (high in B vitamins, sugars, yeast, etc.) has a very beneficial effect on human organism.

To enjoy our beer PAROHÁČ you can visit the beer spa.

The brewery is located in a former wine cellar, which is decorated with historical paintings from 1940, which underlines the great beauty of the copper brew tanks.

Are you wondering how to make beer in the highest European brewery? To taste beer welded directly from the tanks? We are inviting you to visit our brewery...

Our newly built spa has an original beer spa treatment, which helps to regenerate the human organism. The spa procedure includes the beer bath, wrap up in a towel and are also accompanied by the necessary drinking program – by the golden beverage - beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG). During the procedure you will forget all about your everyday worries.

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