Snowshoe touring

With snowshoes you can travel the beautiful winter landscape of Giant Mountain, and even to places where you would not dare to go in Boots. With snowshoes you can move easily even in deep snow ....

Are you attracted to walk in the snow without shoes and wet snow in the leg, just for you, there are snowshoes. Swing down the snowy landscape as easily as it can go and see the beautiful landscape around Meadow Cabins in winter.

Walking in a winter environment, especially when the snow blanket is more difficult even for physically fit individuals. Even refined walking technique does not help. Using snowshoes for movement is easier and much less physically demanding. Walking with snowshoes is not complicated, you just need to familiarize yourself with the basic ways of overcoming obstacles and different types of terrain and you can hit the road.

Snowshoes have served people in the north already nearly 6000 years ago during the conquest and occupation of the territory covered with snow. In Scandinavia cave paintings can be found, and also the remains of wooden walking device from bogs and marshes, whose age is estimated at 4500 years.

Meadow chalet is located in the 1st zone of the Krkonoše National Park so all activities take place in accordance with applicable permits and regulations.

The package contains:

  • rent snowshoes
  • theoretical part (10 minutes)
  • practical part (200 minutes) - a trip through the Giant Mountains
  • experience certificate of completion


  • Meadow Chalet


  • December - April, according to snow conditions


  • comfortable, warm


  • maximum number of people per group is 8
  • experience is offered in a full-day version of 1790 CZK
  • 990 CZK (half day option described above)

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