Snow groomer driving

Remarkable experience attracting many men! You will notice that the work is not as easy and adjusting the paths to be straight, is not as easy as it looks at first sight...

The adrenaline experience “Snow groomers driving” allows you to ride it, adjust the roads in winter and transport material. The introduction will make you acquainted with the snow grooming machines, the main functional systems and its management. In the first part, a professional Snow groomer driver drives and you are observing from the passenger seat. Along the way, you can ask for whatever interests you. In the final section, you will be driving.

The experience is really very interesting. The Snow groomer has many interesting and special features to manage and controls of various auxiliary equipment for clearing snow or other treatment of pathways. Well let's face it, how many times in your life have you controlled a tracked vehicle and on the snow?

This experience makes most certainly happy many fans of winter sports and technology, but also other fans of extreme experiences.

The Meadow Chalet is located on the 1st zone of the Krkonoše National Park so all activities take place in accordance with applicable permits and regulations.

The package contains:

  •  you spent 50 minutes with an experienced driver, a 10 minutes driving yourself


  • Meadow Chalet 


  • December - April


  • comfortable, warm


  • 2400 CZK
  • experience is also available for purchase as a gift voucher

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