Professional school of snowkiting KITESEASON offers in cooperation with the hotel Luční bouda complete service in the area of snowkiting and equipment rent. The courses take place within 50 metres from the hotel.

Snowkiting is a very attractive sport and every year the number of new fans rises. Snowkiting is about freedom of movement, of thinking and about possibilities without limits.  This adrenalin toy can thanks to its accessibility become a dangerous weapon not only for you but also for your environment. KITESEASON can guide you through its courses with safety supervised by instructors with years of experience. Don´t let the kite dominate over you, control it yourself.

The courses of snowkiting take place on certain days by a phone arrangement, or by an arrangement in the Snowkiting school in the hotel Luční bouda.The courses are organized according to the actual weather conditions by arrangement with an instructor directly in Luční bouda.

The course of snowkiting takes place maximally within 50 meters from the hotel, where those, who don´t kite, can use the hotel services like the hotel restaurant, wellness, fitness, or the local brewery. Except this, you can go cross country skiing or enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Luční bouda…


We use a wide range of snowkiting equipment sizes, so that we are able to offer equipment for kids as well for adults.

We use helmets with built in transmitter – which makes the teaching 100% more effective, because it is nearly not possible to communicate after several meters of kiting. 

Lesson 1 (0,5 h. instruction)
  • Formal opening, choice of training conditions, safety rules, preparation of the kite,  solving crisis situations, theory of wind, practical training with the kite 
Lesson 2 (1,5 h. instruction)
  • Preparation of the kite, safe start and safe landing, going up with kite from the sitting position
  • Moving off with kite - on ski or snowboard
Lesson 3 (2 h. instruction )
  • Riding there and back, finishing the ride
  • Practicing moving off against the wind and simple manoeuvres and turns
What do you need for a snowkiting course? 
  • Good functional wear, more layers are better than two thick ones, Snowkiting is a power sport, so you move from the same beginning 
  • Ski/Snowboard, Ski- and Snowboard shoes of your own
  • Choice of a snowboard for snowkiting (twintip – the same tip and end), soft binding – we will set it before the course)
  • Choice of the ski for snowkiting  – standardski, not long, not short not bigfoots
  • Suncreme …

The adventure contains

  • Transport to Luční bouda and back
  • All necessary equipment for snowkiting, helmet, two-way radio for better navigation of the participants, tour of brewery in Luční bouda free of charge and if the weather is not good – possibility to take part on brewing.


  • Hotel Luční bouda
  • During the snowkiting courses the rules of the National park Giant Mountains have to be kept and it is possible to organize the courses only due to an exception to the rules.


  • 1-day snowkiting course 4 h.            2290 CZK/ 85 euro
  • 2-days snowkiting course 8 h.          3990 CZK/150 euro
  • Kite rent with a basic introduction 200 CZK/h. (suitable for those, who do not want to kite, you do not need any ski or snowboard)
  • The price doesn´t include accomodation in Luční bouda.

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