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  • Brewery in Luční bouda

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    Since August 2012 beer Paroháč has been brewed in Luční bouda in the newly opened brewery in the wonderful space of the former wine bar. Would you like light or semi – dark lager beer, wheat beer, special dark or India Pale Ale? Everybody can choose…


Beer spa at Luční bouda

Hot news at Luční boudat is opening of the Beer spa, an ideal opportunity to celebrate May, the time of love. An original spa treatment and our beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG) ensures perfect harmony of the organism and lets the mind to release positive thoughts.


Building up of the Beer spa follows opening of the Brewery Luční bouda, the highest situated brewery in middle Europe. Beer spa include a bath with typical white foam on the surface and the smell of freshly brewed beer. After that follows wrapping in a towel, relaxation. Necessary part is drinking and it can not be nothing else than chilled beer PAROHÁČ (The STAG) directly from our brewery.

Traditional golden beverage in non-traditional usage has beneficial effect on human organism, improves the immunity of the body and has curative effect for skin and hair. More information you can find here.

Hotel Meadow Chalet

Meadow chateau is one of the highest mountain huts in Central Europe. Already 300 years of providing shelter, safety and welfare in Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) at an altitude of 1.410 m above sea level.

Meadow cottage is located on one of the rarest places in the Giant Mountains National Park, on the Meadow mountain plateau, with the view at the highest Czech mountain Sněžka. The Chalet stands in the place from the 17th century, when it was mainly agricultural settlement, where, however, since the beginning of the 19th century a variety of cultural events and celebrations for the people of the mountains were held. In 1914, the reconstruction, which allowed some accommodation in few dormitories, was completed. The Chalet burned down in 1938, the current form dates from 1940, when it was repaired by the German army for its needs.

In 2004 bought the quite devastated Chalet the AEZZ company, and since then they are trying to return this beautiful Chalet its former glow and make it again available to the lovers and admirers of the mountains. It continues the long glory and tradition renews the former glow according to the current ecological criteria. Ecological heating, domestic production of bread in the traditional way, that all fulfils the owners ideas of life in a rare environment, such as the Meadow Chalet and its surroundings.

Here at the Meadow chalet, you will find a stylish restaurant and a newly opened Snack bar also a Brewery with historical paintings and more than fifty rooms in four categories, from tourist beds to Standard rooms in the renovated part of the building. Current owners added to the original traditions a new one - brewing at Meadow Chalet.

Visitors are thus offered a great place to relax in the beautiful countryside, with excellent cuisine, daily fresh bread and delicious beer beverage. While staying at the Meadow Chalet, you can also enhance in unusual adrenaline experiences or relax in the beer spa. The Meadow Chalet is also an ideal starting point for watching the sunrise on Sněžka.

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